Auriculares internos Bluetooth® "Colourful" - Negro Intenso

Producto núm.: PP1117.2


Auriculares Bluetooth® ligeros y de color con una batería recargable incorporada. Disfruta de la música durante un máximo de 3 horas a volumen máximo en una sola carga. Tarda hasta 1,5 horas para cargar completamente los auriculares.


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Auriculares deporte inalámbricos
Wireless sport earbuds with 60 cm wire TPE cable. The earbuds are suitable for both sport and daily use because of their comfortable fit. Includes microphone to pick up and answer calls and volume buttons to control the volume. The device uses wireless BT 4.0 for smooth connection to your mobile device. The 55 mAh battery allows you to play up to 3 hours of your favourite music. Operating distance up to 10 metres. Including EVA zipper pouch. Including micro USB cable.

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